Consumer status

Since April 12, 2012, Law 1480, by which the Consumer Statute is issued, has become the main "weapon" of miles of dissatisfied Colombians in the face of the acquisition of goods and services. Since then, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC), the authority in charge of ensuring the rights of consumers, has not only joined forces in order to give a better understanding of the contents, rights, news and impact that this Statute has , but also has made available to the population all the necessary mechanisms through which they can make said Law effective. Within its general principles, this Law - which benefits all Colombians - decrees:

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The protection of consumers against risks to their health and safety.
Consumers' access to adequate information - in accordance with the terms of this Law that allows them to make well-founded choices.
Consumer education.
The freedom to establish consumer organizations and the opportunity for these organizations to make their opinions heard in the decision-making processes that affect them.
The special protection of children and adolescents, in their capacity as consumers, in accordance with the provisions of the code of childhood and adolescence.